State College Criminal Defense & Family Law Lawyer

If you are facing serious, life challenging trouble because of criminal charges, or family law issues such as custody, divorce, or restraining orders resulting from criminal allegations, you will be represented by aggressive and experienced legal counsel at our firm.

During almost 30 years of providing comprehensive legal representation, our goal has remained the same: to resolve your legal matter as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, so you can regain control of your life.

Fleming Law Office is well-known for providing compassionate and comprehensive legal representation to thousands of people throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Free Initial Criminal Defense and Family Law Consultations

Our firm's founding attorney, Tim Fleming, has unique, in-depth knowledge of a wide range of legal areas, from criminal law to family law issues. Often times, these two areas are interlinked through domestic and family disputes, that result in restraining orders, and criminal charges that arise from a variety of given situations. Sometimes criminal allegations, alone, are enough to bring one's life to a halt.

As a former assistant district attorney for the state of Pennsylvania, attorney Fleming prosecuted numerous felony, misdemeanor and summary level cases. He has also defended hundreds of people, Penn State students and visitors to the Penn State area for over 26 years. This dual experience gives him insight into the tactics used by the prosecution, so he can build strong defense cases based on more than just speculation. Tim has had 28 years of serious courtroom experience.

Our Aggressive Defense Strategy is More Effective Than Aggressive Courtroom Behavior

Attorney Fleming is well-known for his reputation as a strategic litigator who creates aggressive defense strategies that stand on their own. He has the knowledge and experience to present a solid legal defense, without the need for television-style dramatics and offensive courtroom antics that often due more harm than good to a client's case.

Our legal professionals are guided by the highest ethical standards and we litigate accordingly.

Fleming Law Offices has resolved thousands of cases involving serious crimes, including such things as sexual assaults, physical assaults, bar fights, robberies, burglaries and major drug offenses such as drug dealing, possession charges, criminal record expungement and Governor's Pardon applications. In addition, we resolve many complex family, divorce, child support/custody and marital estate disputes for clients in a five-county area.

Many people are confused and frustrated when they become involved with the criminal or family law systems. Obtaining competent, experienced representation in these areas is crucial; without proper representation, you face unfamiliar territory, and the stakes can be high or even life-changing.

There is no cost for a free initial consultation at Fleming Law Offices. When you contact us, our attorney, Tim Fleming, will return your call promptly and arrange an initial meeting for you, so he can listen to your concerns and explain your legal rights so that you can make competent, informed decision to address the legal situation that you are facing.

If you retain our services, we will begin working on your criminal law or family law issue immediately. There will be no delay, and your case will always be handled directly by Tim. You will never be passed off to a lesser experienced lawyer or associate, as some larger firms have a practice of doing.

We are selective about the cases we take, because we are committed to maintaining high standards of representation to our clients. Your case always deserves the kind of personal, one-on-one treatment we always give our clients.

Let the experienced legal team at Fleming Law Offices take control of your legal case, so you can regain control of your life.

We have handled hundreds of legal matters involving students and minors.