A Holistic Approach To Representation

Dear Parents,

I am the parent of two college graduates and have helped pay for two college educations.  My son is a graduate of Penn State, and my daughter graduated from Susquehanna University.  I understand the investment you are making in your child’s future when you send them off to college.

Too often with Penn State here in Centre County, and in other counties where I have represented students at either Susquehanna University, Mansfield University, Juniata College, Bucknell University, or Lock Haven University, I am contacted by kids who have been charged with an assault, drug possession/distribution, underage drinking, public drunkenness, and a host of other problems.  As this is commonly viewed as being part of the “college experience,” in truth, many kids just do not have the maturity yet to make better decisions.  Protecting their good, unblemished records, their employment future, and ultimately YOUR investment in their education becomes my most important job.

I understand how difficult it may be to pick a lawyer to help your son or daughter who may be facing these challenges.  I often encourage parents to not only check the credentials of every lawyer they are considering, but if possible, to have an in person interview with the lawyer they are considering.  I believe so much of a lawyer’s abilities, experience, and skill can be judged best by an in person meeting. In my office though, many parents are busy with their own schedules, and live at great distances such that they cannot arrange an in person meeting. In these situations, I try, at the very least, to meet with the student client in my office, and have at least one, if not both parents on a speaker/conference call if the student permits it.  In this way, many questions about the process, consequences, my experience, judgment, and strategy in handling their son or daughter’s case can be answered.

I want parents to also know that I take a “holistic” approach to these cases, meaning, in representing your son or daughter, I will look beyond the actual problem that faces them to assist you with determining if there is some other underlying issue that contributed to the incident in question.  Be it a recommendation for a drug and alcohol evaluation, counseling evaluation, referral to the on campus community for substance abuse- all of these tools are under consideration and at the focus of my representation of your child.  My representation does not stop at the courthouse door- it attempts to look at the whole person, and address any other contributing issue that may be involved.


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