The Financial Costs of Collaborative Divorce

by | Jul 11, 2016

The Financial Costs of Collaborative Divorce

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Divorce, Family Law

While Collaborative Divorce can often be one of the best options for clients, it is important to consider all costs before delving in.

Collaborative Divorce allows a civil platform for issues to be discussed, and because each couple’s needs are different the cost of a divorce varies. However, lawyers typically charge by the hour, and the price may go up or down based on the simplicity or complexity of your family’s individual needs. Discuss with our attorney his or her hourly rate for collaborative divorce process.

So, once you have agreed on an hourly rate, how many hours will your attorney typically work for you? Typically, people like to meet anywhere from 3 to 9 times in the four-way meeting sessions. The time of these meetings can be adjusted based on your specific needs. Once the sessions have been completed, your lawyer will complete the necessary paperwork and the process should be nearing a close. It is important to talk to your attorney to figure out the specific costs of his or her service.

Collaborative Divorce is not a more expensive option. Mediation often takes much longer than other divorce procedures, and because of this, the client often pays for more hours than needed. The mediation process can stall easily, so keep this in mind when choosing the best option for your divorce. Litigation is even more costly than both of these options. Typically, litigation is best only when both parties feel the divorce cannot be resolved through conversation and compromise. It should generally be a last resort for clients.

Speak with your attorney before making any decisions. Your personal situation should be handled specifically to cater to your needs.

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