The Clery Act

by | Jul 11, 2016

The Clery Act

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Criminal Law

The Clery Act was specifically passed to regulate the way colleges and universities inform students and faculty about crimes committed on or off campus (when associated with the university). The Clery Act encompasses multiple mandates.

1) Preventative Education: The school must provide incoming students and faculty with some sort of preventative educational program about sexual assault. Additionally, they must provide ongoing educational programs for current faculty and staff.

2) Timely Warning: When an incident occurs that threatens the community, the university must provide a timely warning to the faculty and students to inform them of the danger.

3) Recording Campus Crime Statistics: The school must record all crimes in a Crime Log and release the data from the last three years each October to the campus community.

4) Annual Security Report: Every year the school must release an Annual Security Report, explaining campus policies on crime, preventing crimes, timely warnings, and campus arrests.

5) Victim rights: All students and faculty who are victims of sexual abuse, stalking, dating or domestic violence reserve the right to receive written explanation of their rights.

6) Retaliation: The Clery Act protects victims against threats of retaliation by the university, employee, or police officers affiliated with the university.

7) Discipline: The school must have a clear policy on disciplinary measures for students under investigation or convicted of a crime on or near campus.

The Clery Act was enacted to protect students just like the ones on the Penn State campus from crime. Know the rights and protections guaranteed to you by the University.


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