Simply put, the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program is a pre-trial diversion program that allows first time offenders of certain crimes to obtain a “stay” of their case, pending successful completion of a probation period, after which the offender can have the charges dismissed, and be eligible to have all records expunged.  Admittance into the ARD program is by discretion of the District Attorney, who may or may not recommend your case to the Court for placement into the program.  Generally, it is used for first time DUI and Drug offenders.  A similar program exists for first time offenders in Magistrate Court for certain kinds of summary traffic and non-traffic related offenses.  Usually, an alcohol awareness class and some community service results in the charges being dismissed and eligibility for expungement.

Pennsylvania’s ARD Program

by | Jul 12, 2016


Automatic Consent to K-9 Searches

Randy Valdivia was stopped along Interstate 80 by a Pennsylvania State Trooper, after failing to use his blinker when changing lanes. During the stop, he signed a form consenting to a vehicle search, and a canine sniff of packages in the car revealed that Valdivia...

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Civil Asset Forfeiture

Pennsylvania’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Law has been disputed many times in court as a law that gives too much power to the police without giving them the burden of proof. Under PA’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Law, a police officer or government entity is legally allowed to...

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Date Rape

According to a recent CDC study, 44% of women will experience some sort of sexual violence or assault before the age of 24. This is an alarming statistic, leading many activists searching for ways to help prevent sexual assault before it occurs. One bar in Florida may...

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